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March 11, 2007

More on Moin on Apache on OpenBSD

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I was having problems with the chroot environment seemingly not honouring the -u flag. Let me assure you that OpenBSD is, once again, rock solid and the errors were errors of a communicating-apache-and-moin nature.

The whole thing is running pretty smoothly for me now. I seem to have issues when ten or so people are trying to connect simultaneously, so I need to find out if that’s a moin issue or an apache issue. I also have issues with some auto-generated links pointing to /apache/link instead of /apache/moin/link, and can’t seem to resolve that through the moin mailing list as it seems the archives are broken half the time. Tried getting to them from several machines, but they’re always fucking down: http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum=moin-user

I wrote about the issue there, though, including the information that I found on the moin website about the same problem for other folks. If you look there, it’s recommended to clean out moin’s cache. They call the script cachecleaner.py when it’s currently called something like cleancache.py, but that’s minor. I should probably update the wiki with that information, actually. Either way, running that script was reasonably painful, as there are no directions about what to edit so that it sees your moin install, so eventually I wrote a one line cache cleaner script of my own.

Still enjoying moin, but now using it is going to go into full steam as I try and see what it can really do.


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