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August 11, 2007

photo application

Filed under: idea — oscartheduck @ 3:26 pm

I’ve been thinking about design recently, features. Specifically, a couple of photo application features. Something that would be neat is an application that does the following:

1) web-based service integration. Usually this comes about as a function of cost: you can buy web space. But this is clumsy as all fuck, unless you’re someone who both develops the program AND runs the web space. At which point it becomes simpler to simply write a program that turns someone’s computer into a web server and offers a directory called “public photos”. It registers a domain name with something like dydns and creates a mini http server with a nice gallery view. That’d be damn impressive, though there are security issues. I imagine doing it within a chroot or a jail would resolve most of that, though.

2) Instant panorama. There are photo applications in development that can look inside a photograph and actually detect certain properties within. Take a look Photosynth or something similar to see what I mean.

Imagine doing something useful for the user, though. Detect four photographs that contain similar elements and generate a fifth image that is a panorama of the previous four.


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