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September 15, 2007

rumerical necipes

Filed under: C — oscartheduck @ 8:09 pm

Numerical Recipes in C is denser than I’d like. It’s cool that it exists, but when I can’t understand the precise explanation for why it’s useless to pursue a new variable that is smaller than the square root of the floating point value for your hardware, well, I feel dumb. I understand the idea, that that variable is too small for you to receive a different answer, but not how one calculates this mystic number.

Either way, this is an interesting little problem. If I assume that the curve is smooth between two extremes, it becomes simple, which is nice. But if it isn’t uniform between extremes, or has several local minima, it becomes a much more difficult issue. So I can solve for the special case, but after that I really don’t have any idea how to proceed. Maybe solving the special case will assist.

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