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October 17, 2009

reading old code

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I’m retracing that code so I can pick up my command line guitar tablature tool again. And I’m stuck with a problem many folks complain of: what the hell was I doing and why was I doing it?

I’m reminded of Knuth’s contention that literate programming makes sense. It seems to right now; if I had a solid documented ream that was telling me “Okay, do this next”, I’d be happier.

Fortunately, I’ve got the handy indicator:

0.5 — write an addChordToSong method

So I know what I’m meant to do next. But what the hell does that do?

#TODO: Print isn’t building the known song array; that’s because there’s no fucking method for adding chords to the song array
if print
exit 0

I just added a BSD license to the code, so feel free to take a look at it.


I have a good idea where to look now, at least. If the printSong method ain’t workin’, then I need to fix that! printSong() reads:

def printSong()

so I also know to read loadSong and printSongArray. loadSong should presumably tell me what array I’m trying to load:

def loadSong()
@song = YAML.load_file(@songFile)

Who would have thought: the song array! Getting somewhere feels good, especially when it’s this simple.


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