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October 29, 2009

stripping down

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Now that OpenBSD has an installer that’s basically 13.times do { |keystroke| }, I wanted to install something hard again. I picked slackware because I’ve never installed it before, not because I’ve heard anything about its installer.

Also because I wanted a linux I’ve never used before so I can do this thing in my head where I start managing my installed programs by tracking tarballs instead of using a package manager. I feel like I’ve got a lot of corner shite I can learn from that. I think I got into linux just as package management was becoming solved, and it means I missed a lot. I learned a ton from doing linux from scratch a couple of times at my former employer; that was really fun, really neat and gave me a good idea of what makes an OS.

Then making a stripped down distro or two, and doing the FreeBSD stuff for GSOC was really informative, but I still think I’d have difficulties if I were thrown into an environment where I was using RH 5 or something where the RPM support was total shit. So I am looking to solve that if I can.

I was thinking about using ubuntu or something as a base, but I want an OS that’s totally alien.

Alien’s nice sometimes.

The installer’s neat. Had to use cfdisk for the first time in a while. Well, I don’t know that I did, but I didn’t realise I could just type “setup” and get a nice ncurses installer because I didn’t read the instructions until I started page-up-ing to see what to do after I had partitioned my virtual drive.

I just installed a bunch of stuff except emacs. I’ll see what happens. I only have disc 1 in there, so we’ll see what gets installed.

Aw, fuck. It’s installing a bunch of stuff like QT that I wanted to do by hand. Really, I want a compiler and the basic libraries in there and then build and track everything else. I have no idea how folks used to track package versions and resolve install conflicts between two battling installed programs, and I want to get down and dirty with that. I imagine it’ll involve improving my scripting skills, too, to keep track of this stuff more easily and to have reminders to check for updated packages.

We shall see.


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