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July 19, 2007

enlightenment on freebsd

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This one was pretty easy, but a newbie wouldn’t work it out quickly.

First, make gnome2 and enlightenment, which is called e16 I think.

The instructions for making gnome2 work are as follows:

echo “exec gnome-session” >> ~/.xinitrc

This is because gnome-session doesn’t call x.org itself, but needs to be called after x has already started. XFCE4 doesn’t work this way, it’s enough to install it and type startxfce4 and it does everything, but you can’t have everything (I’m told; in fact, this makes me want to read the startxfce4 script and see what it does).

Now, the instructions for enlightenment claim that you just run their starte16 script and everything will work. Well, it doesn’t. I was wondering why this was the case, so I read the script. It tries to set the WINDOW_MANAGER environment variable to e16, which is all well and good, then immediately execute gnome-session.

That doesn’t work. Because gnome-session needs to be called after x.org has already started.

The solution is relatively painless. Open up ~/.xinitrc and make sure it reads as follows:

exec gnome-session
Boom! Enlightenment is now your window manager in gnome instead of Metacity. And it looks lovely.


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